K-series Swaps for Lotus and Toyota

Monkeywrench Racing has Honda K-series engine and 6-speed LSD transmission swap parts for:
2005+ Lotus Elise, Exige, 2-eleven
2000-05 MR2-S
2003-08 Corolla/Matrix/Vibe

Basic K20/K24 installs produce 200+ whp, K24s make 170+ ft-lb to the wheels. Torque is really outstanding with the big 2.4L. Compare that to the 160whp/115 w ft-lb you get with a low-buck 2ZZ swap (or 120 whp / 110 ft-lb with a 1ZZ) and you can see what a great swap this is. Add valvetrain upgrades if you’re looking for even more power. Built high compression K24’s can exceed 275whp naturally aspirated. Turbos and superchargers can also be added if you still want more. K-series durability is excellent.

Interested in an install in your Celica? We will be happy to do the install here at a discount, approximately $7500 for a basic install. Based on tha tbuild we’ll make the mounts and axles available to everyone!

Toyota / Lotus Performance Parts